Everlys Birth Story: Part 1

Everlys Birth Story: Part 1

It’s been exactly ONE year since we welcomed our second baby girl into this world.
O N E entire year later & I can still remember every single detail of that day…
Let’s backtrack a little to 33weeks when I was put on bedrest. I had had my first (Emily) at 37weeks after my water broke so I had anticipated having Everly early as well. But when contractions started my doctor found that I was already dilated & ordered me to bedrest for the next 2 weeks.

At my next appointment (35weeksand4days) he gave me the go ahead to be up and moving. My appointment was Friday, February 23rd.

Saturday, February 24th

After being on my feet Friday, I was super uncomfortable & having lots of contractions. I even went ahead and downloaded a contraction app & started monitoring my contractions throughout the day. They were consistent but ultimately I could get them to stop by taking a bath or laying on my side.
Sunday, February 25th
My husband, Randy, wanted me to have her SO BAD on this day. Partly because our oldest daughters birthday is on the 25th (of May) but also because it is easier for him to take his vacation for an entire week Monday-Friday verses taking off in the middle of the week. HA! I was still feeling pretty crappy but we decided to take advantage of having no plans by cleaning the entire house, washing everything & packing all of our bags. Around 1pm we decided to take Emmy to McDonald’s for lunch. When we got home we laid down to take a nap & that’s when my contractions kicked it into gear.

Randy & Emmy were sleeping but I couldn’t get comfortable. I walked around, laid on the couch, took a bath but my contractions weren’t letting up. With my first my water broke before contractions started so this time I was still uncertain if this was actual labor or not. I was only 35weeksand6days but I just kept praying that my water would break so that I would KNOW it was time to go to the hospital. An hour later my contractions were still really close together & not letting up so I decided it was best to go ahead and head to the hospital.

I woke Randy up, we loaded our sleeping toddler into the car & headed to the hospital.
We arrived a little after 5pm.
We walked in and told the nurse I thought I was in labor & she asked for my due date… I replied it was March 24th. At this point I just want to make note that there was no panic because I was early, instead the looks & comments I received suggested that I was naive for thinking I was in labor. I immediately regretted my decision for coming but we went ahead and got me checked in and hooked up to machine to be monitored.
Sure enough I was dilated to a 3, almost a 4 & having consistent contractions every 2-3 minutes. The nurses called my doctor but since I wasn’t quite 36 weeks he didn’t want us to do anything but keep monitoring me.
By 9pm I was dilated to 5cm but we still had no plan from my doctor & I hadn’t actually been admitted yet. We still had our 2 year old with us but decided it was to late to have my MIL come pick her up so we told her we’d update her in the morning. Randy called into work for Monday and then him and Emmy left to get some food.
Around 11pm I was in a lot of pain and was given a shot of Demerol to help me rest. My doctor then called to say we could go home & come back at 6am or we could stay the night and he’d check in on us first thing at 6am.
Now if I wouldn’t have gotten that shot we would have just went home to our own comfy beds. BUT THAT SHOT… I’ve never actually done drugs so I can’t say for certain… but ya’ll… I was high as a kite! I couldn’t hold my eyes open, I couldn’t form a sentence to even tell the nurse we wanted to stay the night & I guarantee you if Randy had taken me home I’d have had a baby in the car! So we stayed & Randy slept on the floor.
stay tuned for part 2

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