Everlys Birth Story: Part 2

Everlys Birth Story: Part 2


I woke up in a lot of pain! I paged the nurse and she came in to check me, I was at a 7! She left to call Dr. Bost & when she came back she said they were ready to admit me & that I needed to walk to my room… Ya’ll, I was still high! We woke Randy up and he threw Emmy over his shoulder and followed the nurse to our room while I drunkenly walked down the longest. hall. ever. stopping every few steps to grab onto the wall so I didn’t fall over. Once we made it I went ahead and requested an epidural. around 5amThe anesthesiologist finally arrived & got me hooked up. Not much later Dr. Bost came in and broke my water & then the party really started! SO MUCH PAIN! I honestly don’t think my epidural had much time to kick in because unlike with my first kid, this time it hurt… A LOT! Randy has this terrible video of me (that nobody will ever see) but in it I tell him more than once that I will never ever do this again… not even seconds after she was born I was retracting that statement

Pretty soon after getting my epidural & water broken it was time to push.I remember thinking my nurse was so mean because she made me prove to her that I was ready to push before she would call the doctor. I gave her the biggest push I could and she called him to come in… 3 painful pushes later at 5:48am our sweet girl was born! One of the nurses asked me for my phone & she took a picture of Randy cutting the cord. 

I was only 36weeks so the NICU nurses had to take her before we could do skin to skin. They checked her out and ran some test and determined she was perfectly healthy.
6lbs 4ozs & 18.5inches long
They brought her back to me & she quickly latched on! She was a champ at nursing! We did a lot of skin to skin and enjoyed having her all to ourselves. It was still pretty early in the morning so the hospital was peaceful and quiet. Oh and big sister never woke up! She slept on the couch in the delivery room during the entire birth!!

Emmy woke up ready to meet her baby sister. Randy carried her over to my bed where she sleepily said “Awww I like her… let’s bring her home” my heart melted!

around 8am
I thought I would text my family & let them know “Surprise, We had a baby!” but I was still so out of it that I couldn’t manage to complete a text message. Randy took the girls & I fell asleep for the first time in over 24hrs.
I woke up feeling refreshed ready to nurse Everly & text everyone! Her latch seemed shallow but she wanted to nurse. I kept trying to correct her because I remembered how painful nursing could become with a bad latch but she wasn’t having it. Eventually we figured it out & I’m happy to say we have been on our breastfeeding journey for one year now & don’t plan to stop anytime soon! Everyone was excited to meet her & we had a lot of visitors throughout the day. We sent Emmy home with my MIL for the night, it was the first time we’d ever let her go somewhere over night. She was only 2yrs&9monthsold at the time and that evening around 8pm we got a phone call with a uncontrollable Emmy crying to come home. Randy left and drove 45 minutes to meet his mom & brought Emmy back to the hospital with him, where she stayed the rest of our time there. She was in tears when they walked into our room. She crawled into bed with me & Everly and wrapped her little arms around her baby sister & fell asleep. It was seriously THE BEST moment of my entire day!

We ended up having to stay at the hospital longer due to Everly being born pre-term. We finally got to go home Wednesday, February 28th.