It’s my birthday. YAY! Today I am 29 years old.


I’m one of those people that always has a plan. I’m always mapping out my future. I love to dream about tomorrow. But here I am waking up to the beginning of my LAST year of my 20’s and I have no idea what tomorrow will even bring. 28 was such a tough year for me. I feel like all of my plans and dreams were thrown out last year and I just feel lost on what this year is supposed to bring me…

My dad called me today to tell me Happy Birthday. He said “You are now the age your mom and I were when we had you!” It was a good reminder that my story isn’t over. That 29 could be the year we get our rainbow baby. But it might not be. Whatever God’s plan is I just want 29 to be the year I live for the present and not the future.

Today I am 29 years old.

I am a wife to my best friend, the one who’s been beside me for the last 14yrs, the guy I can’t live without.

I am a mother to two of the most amazing, kind and beautiful girls.

I am stronger than I ever knew I’d need to be.

I am happy and healthy and grateful that every single day I get to wake up next to the people I love.

Thank you God for giving me another year.